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What are the advantages of sofa beds?

Simple to use and space saving
When it comes to the benefits of sofa beds, there are really many, the first is to save space. The reason why the sofa bed can be transformed from a sofa into a bed is because of its folding design. It usually looks like an ordinary sofa. It only needs to be stretched a little to turn into a bed. It is easy to use and saves space, especially For small apartments, the sofa bed is simply an "artifact".
Two uses for one thing, suitable for sitting and lying
The sofa bed is both a sofa and a bed, and it meets our needs for sitting and lying at the same time. One thing is used for both sitting and lying. ? Usually watching TV in the living room, sitting on the sofa for a long time is uncomfortable, as long as it is stretched into a bed, it is more comfortable to lie down.

Convenient for relatives and friends to stay
Usually, relatives and friends visit and want to stay overnight, but I have no spare room or extra bed at home, so I can only decline my friends. However, if there is a sofa bed at home, it is convenient for family and friends to stay overnight.

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