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Sofas are classified by function

Sofas can be divided into functional sofas, fixed-back sofas, stepless automatic control sofas, pneumatic sofas (ie: manual sofas), electric sofas and sofas with TV according to their functions.
Sofa has become a necessary piece of furniture for many households. There are generally three types of sofas on the market: low-back sofas, high-back sofas and ordinary sofas between the first two. The following three kinds of features are introduced for consumers to choose and buy.
Low-back sofa: It is a light chair that belongs to the rest type. It supports the user's waist (lumbar vertebra) with a support point. The height of the backrest of the sofa is relatively low, generally about 370 mm from the seat surface, and the angle of the backrest is also small, which is not only conducive to rest, but also makes the outer size of the entire sofa corresponding Zoom out. This kind of sofa is more convenient to move, light, and occupies a small area.
High-back sofa: also known as aviation-style seat. Its characteristic is that it has three fulcrums, which make people's waist, shoulders and back of the head lean on the curved backrest at the same time. The three supporting points do not form a straight line in space, so the technical requirements for making this sofa are relatively high, and the selection is also relatively difficult when purchasing. To make the wooden frame of the high-back sofa, the turning surface formed by the three points must be clearly made on the frame, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure the position of the support point during the process of masking the sofa, which will bring discomfort to the user. When purchasing a high-back sofa, pay attention to whether the composition of the three support points on the back is reasonable and appropriate, which can be judged by the test seat. High-back sofas evolved from lounge chairs. In order to improve the rest performance, it can also be used as a footrest. Before placing the sofa, its height can be the same as the front edge of the sofa seat.
Ordinary sofa: It is a common type of home sofa. Most of these sofas are sold on the market. It has two supporting points to support the user's lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae, and can obtain the effect of matching the curved surface with the back of the body. The angle between the backrest and the seat surface of this type of sofa is very important. Too large or too small an angle will cause the user's abdominal muscles to be strong and cause fatigue. Similarly, the width of the seat surface of the sofa should not be too large, usually within 540 mm according to the standard requirements, so that the user's calf can adjust the sitting posture at will and rest more comfortably metal dining chair.
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