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Office furniture odor removal tips

When it comes to the removal of odors from office furniture, it should be a concern of many people. Today, I will share some tips. You can grow some plants in the office. After all, plants have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde. Such plants, for example, have Cacti, spider plants, ivy, saxifrage, chrysanthemum, radish, etc. These green plants have the function of absorbing formaldehyde, and they do not need too frequent care after planting.
It is very important to maintain indoor ventilation, so that the air in the office can form convection, so that it can play a role in the volatilization of formaldehyde in office furniture, but if you want to volatilize formaldehyde in this way, it is too slow, and it may be completely volatilized. It will take several Console table
Using activated carbon, supermarkets and other stores all sell bags of activated carbon, and then put the activated carbon in the corner of the office furniture, and let him slowly inhale, but it should be noted that the activated carbon is absorbed to a certain extent. It will be saturated, and it will be replaced in time at this time.modern furniture supplier

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