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How to maintain living room sofa bed?

Maintaining a living room sofa bed can be relatively simple with the following tips:
Clean it regularly: Vacuum your sofa bed weekly to remove dust and debris that may accumulate over time. For stains and spills, clean them immediately to prevent them from setting in.
Rotate the mattress: If your sofa bed has a mattress, rotate it every few months to prevent it from becoming lumpy or saggy.
Use a mattress topper: A mattress topper can protect your mattress and provide additional comfort for guests.

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Protect the upholstery: Use a furniture cover to protect your sofa bed from spills, pet hair, and everyday wear and tear.
Avoid direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade the color of your sofa bed upholstery, so it's best to place it away from windows or use curtains or blinds to shield it from the sun.
Check the mechanism: If your sofa bed has a pull-out mechanism, check it regularly to ensure it's functioning properly. Lubricate the hinges and joints with oil or silicone spray as needed.
By following these simple tips, you can keep your living room sofa bed in excellent condition for years to come.