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How to deal with the wear and tear of furniture

If something is broken, it naturally needs to be repaired, and so does Jiaxing Ruijing furniture. In the daily use of furniture, some collisions and wear and tear often occur. Damaged furniture not only affects the appearance, but also may reduce the service life of the furniture. So how to deal with the wear and tear of Jiaxing Ruijing furniture?
1. How to remove scratch marks
In daily life, it is inevitable that there will be slight scratches on Jiaxing Ruijing furniture due to friction. Although there are only a few scratches, it will look awkward. At this time, you can wet a cloth with warm water, wipe it on it, remove the damaged debris, and then spray the damaged part with the same color spray paint. The spray paint can be bought in the market for professional repair paint.console table
2. Removal of cigarette butts or open flame burns
If you accidentally let cigarette butts or open fire burn Jiaxing Ruijing furniture, it will leave brown marks on it, which will affect the appearance. In fact, the removal method is very simple. You can first wipe it with iodine, then rub it with lemon peel for a few times to remove the traces, and then wipe it with a clean cloth, and it will be as bright as room sofa manufacturer