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How to choose a coffee table?

1. Before buying, you should carefully measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to ensure the required size of the coffee table. If you have a large living room, then you need a large coffee table. In addition, a bench seat can be placed on one end of the coffee table and two small stools can be placed on the other end to fill the gap.
2. If your living room has two sofas or more sofas, you might as well choose two coffee tables of the same style to avoid the inconvenience of handling items. This arrangement makes it easier for people to move their eyes.
3. For families with children or often entertaining guests, a coffee table with an edge is the best choice to prevent food, snacks, wine, coffee, etc. from being scattered on the carpet. The height of the coffee table should also be the same as the height of the surrounding sofa cushions. Usually the height of the coffee table is 60cm.

4. If you don’t want the coffee table to be the visual focus in the living room, you can choose a coffee table with a glass top, and the color of the wooden frame is similar to the color of other items in the room, so as to distract the eyes.
5. If you want the living room space to be more fashionable, you can choose a transparent glass coffee table with a metal frame, which will make the space look more unobstructed.
6. Want the space to appear casual and comfortable, and increase the storage space. The old wood plank table top with the white painted wood frame is both retro and modern. An antique leather case is placed under the table to increase the storage space.
7. For a living room with seats all around, a round coffee table is the best choice, regardless of primary or secondary, to ensure that it can be reached in any direction.
8. If you like retro style, you can choose an antique trolley as a coffee table, which can create a strong retro feeling. When buying, you must pay attention to checking the pulleys to prevent scratching the floor or carpet.

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