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Five recommended small-sized dining tables, which do not take up space and are beautiful

Hanging dining table
The hanging design of the table is no longer a strange thing. Hang the dining table on the kitchen wall, put it down when you need it, and hang it directly or put it away when you don’t need it. If part of it is fixed on the wall, you can usually put some small objects for decoration, it will not feel too awkward
Extendable dining table
Hide the dining table in the cupboard, make clever use of the space position, the operating table is not enough to be stretched out, but if you want to use the dining table, you can change it anytime, anywhere. It is especially suitable for young couples now. The two of them solve breakfast and dinner in the kitchen and talk about the mood of the day. If you want anything, you don't have to walk from the kitchen to the dining room, you can solve it in one space, which is very convenient.
Folding dining table
If you believe in minimalism and don't like to have tables and chairs taking up limited space, then you can install a foldable table on the wall, which is your dining table and desk when you need it, and when you don't need it, it It can also be a wall decoration. In order not to make the table top too obtrusive, you can install a wall cabinet on the wall above it, just enough to hold coffee cups and tea sets.

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Island dining table
Now some small units like to design an open kitchen. Adding an island or bar in the kitchen can completely hide the dining table in the island or bar, and the countertop will expand a lot between expansion and contraction.
Card seat dining table
The biggest advantage of the card seat dining table is that it saves space. It does not require people to design an independent area space. Because of the diversification of the card seat dining table, people can design various shapes and install them in corridors, corners and other places. As long as you choose the appropriate location according to the house type, you can install it.