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Design concept and layout of coffee table

The coffee table does not always need a hard surface. In fact, investing in a cushion or cushion design, also known as a footstool, will add warmth, softness and texture to your decoration scheme.
One of the most common mistakes in specifying footrests is size. If you are not sure about the size of the footstool, please fold an old sheet to the size you think is feasible, and then put it on the floor in front of the furniture.
Ask yourself, can you walk comfortably between it and your sofa or chair? If you want to put your feet on the sofa, can your legs reach it?

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The nest of the coffee table is wide enough for each guest to use comfortably.
In order to avoid the feeling of overcrowding or confusion in the room, keep the color scheme consistent with other parts of the space to achieve a clean, seamless and perfectly customized design. The central coffee table can create a focal point in a smaller room, preferably composed of an inward facing armchair, which helps to create depth and volume.
Coffee table selection cylindrical design
The cylindrical coffee table is full of sexy or slightly mellow, which will enhance the layout and soften the overall appearance of your room, and add a soft modeling sense to your living room decoration.
In this space, her use of soft curves provides the personality everyone is looking for, softens the interior lines, and creates a more warm space.